Cecchetti Exams

Enrico Cecchetti Teaching
Enrico Cecchetti teaching
Anna Pavlova, circa 1920

Cecchetti Exams are conducted by an external examiner of the Society under the auspices of the umbrella body, the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance. The exams have government recognition (see www.istd.org).

Unlike in other societies there are two echelons of exams: Grade exams and Standard exams. The Grade exams are intended for serious or vocational students and are therefore marked very stringently, particularly in the technical aspects. The Standard exams put more focus on enjoyment and musicality. It is possible to move from one to the other as happens at The Studio.

Since The Studio is an Approved Dance Centre, not only can Grade and Standard exams be taken here but also vocational and teaching exams in addition to the written exams of the ISTD: Diploma in Dance Instruction and Diploma in Dance Education. This avoids the necessity of travelling to take exams.

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