The Ballet Studio Glasgow HistoryThe premises at 19 Westbourne Gardens were purchased in 1984, and form the lower portion of No1 Great Western Terrace which was constructed in the 1860s and designed by Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson. It is now graded as a List A building (both externally and internally) and is described by Thomson’s biographer Professor Gavin Stamp as: “the grandest terrace in Glasgow.” The city’s greatest collector Thomas Burrell for a time made his home in the Terrace as did the publisher Robert Blackie and more recently the writer Lavinia Derwent, author of ‘Tammy Troot’ and ‘Sula’.

The Flat had been used as a dance studio for many decades (at least since the 1940s). At one point in its history, residents of Great Western Terrace congregated of a Saturday night for ceilidhs.